"I can’t say enough about Mr. Sevilla and what a skilled and positive motivator he has been for both my children in teaching them Mixed Martial Arts. Over the last 10 years Mr. Sevilla has provided a fun, safe atmosphere where they can feel accepted and accomplished. My daughter has become a black belt and continues to train with Mr. Sevilla because of the level of respect that has developed between them. My son needed to step out of his comfort zone and required more help with focus and Mr. Sevilla found ways to engage him and help him with this. Mr Sevilla can be tough but is always fair, and he often finds ways to show how lessons learned in MMA apply to everyday life. I would recommend Mr. Sevilla to any family – kids or adults – who want to get the most out of MMA."
Jacqui AB.
"I began training in mixed martial arts with Mr.Sevilla when I was only 4 years old and earned my black belt was I was 13 years old. Mr. Sevilla made it a point to know all of his students’ names in each class. He inspired and motivated us to do our best while teaching us confidence and discipline. He set goals that were challenging but were attainable. Each advancement to a new belt was celebrated with a graduation ceremony which gave me pride and more confidence. Under Mr. Sevilla I learned that if I stayed determined, I could accomplish any of my goals in and out of the dojo. The motto “common sense before self- defense” has always been a guiding principle to everyday life. I am very fortunate to have had the martial arts training with Mr. Sevilla and would recommend him as an instructor."
Ethan P.
“I never thought that after enrolling my then 4 year old daughter to train with Mr. Sevilla, that I too would not only train with him, but we would both continue to earn our black belts under his training! He has a unique way of teaching, demonstrating and encouraging his students. As his student, he was able to bring out our best with patience by catering and breaking down a technique in a way that helped us learn it better. Mr. Sevilla truly cares for you as a student both inside and outside the dojo and his lessons go beyond technique and form; lessons of perseverance, patience, diligence, determination and focus continue to resonate in your day to day life as well. After 10+ years, we consider him a part of our extended family. My family and I have been very fortunate to train under Mr. Sevilla!”
Brigida K.
"Mr. Sevilla has probably the most important person in my life outside of immediate family. Over 10 years of lessons, he has not only helped me progress through the literal and metaphorical ranks of the Martial Arts, but he has instilled invaluable lessons of humility, respect, perseverance and control that will last a lifetime. The only thing he is more passionate about that Martial Arts is his love of teaching and dedication to the development of each student. It is truly remarkable to see the different approaches Mr. Sevilla takes with each of his students, taking the time to create a deep relationship with each and every person he works with, from children to adults. He has undoubtedly changed my life and so many others for the better."
Owen M.
There are not enough positive words that I can use to describe Luis Sevilla. He has been my daughter's karate instructor for the better part of seven years. In that time I have watched him not only teach martial arts with extensive knowledge but also incorporate key life lessons as well. Luis has a way of teaching that is firm yet compassionate. He teaches with not only his head but his heart and that is the best kind of instruction. He does not instruct by rote whatsoever which makes each class unique and exciting. My daughter has earned a black belt under his tutelage but she has also learned some very important lessons including how to conduct herself and I attribute these to Luis. His knowledge of karate is massive. Somehow, he can turn a grueling workout into a workout that his students are grateful they participated in. I highly recommend Luis as an instructor. There is no one greater when it comes to learning the sport of karate and all that it entails.
Carla N.
"I cannot say enough about Luis Sevilla and what he has meant to our family. Luis is a true martial artist, not only concerned with improving his own craft but also incredibly passionate and giving in helping his students to develop their own. Seeing our son go from a quiet little beginner to a mature Black Belt was a source of great pride and joy, and it was all made possible under the challenging but caring tutelage of Luis Sevilla!"
Karen B.
Mr Sevilla taught my two boys over ten years. My family and I don't only consider him a great Instructor but a good family friend. His ability to make his classes serious but fun is his greatest ability and the reason my boys kept coming back
Ellen G.
I have nothing but praise for Mr Sevilla.He taught our daughter Rachael throughout Covid on Facebook, on Zoom and in a NYC park.We have a great admiration for him and the program he directs.


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