Knowledge. Skills. Power. Confidence.

Tap into the life skills martial arts can teach.

El Dojo isn’t just a facility that teaches people how to learn effective combat. We built a dojo that focuses on positive human transformation, the core element that martial arts promotes. Find focus on mind, knowledge, and strength through thoughtful instruction, where students undertaking our martial arts programs can transfer those skills across various everyday life challenges.

Located in the heart of New York City, we make the transformative power of martial arts possible for anyone looking to enhance their physical and mental well-being. Children and adults can discover the benefits of martial arts from our knowledgeable instructors and positive community that shares goals of a more productive livelihood. Discover how El Dojo’s philosophy reaches those targets here:

The Mission

We aim to bring positive physical and mental change to kids and adults through martial arts. Learn how to fight, yet understand discipline, focus, and humility through mindful, dedicated instruction.

The Vision

El Dojo strives to become a sanctuary for those who want to make transformational changes that benefit their lives. Martial arts can enhance your skills in body and mind, ultimately building a better character.

The Values

Strength, focus, and grit are the values we incorporate into El Dojo. We teach strength of body and mind through martial arts, building an unbreakable focus, and enhancing personal fortitude.

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Meet Your Sensei

Luis Sevilla Levy

25+ Years of Experience

Luis Sevilla Levy leads El Dojo as a decorated martial artist, heralding 25 years of awards, accreditations, and teaching experience. His prominence in the field has made him well known on the east coast, heading multiple schools and raising students to great success. Luis’ extraordinary teaching principles have built such an incredible learning environment, shaped by his experiences growing up.

Luis originates from Managua, Nicaragua, relocating to Miami, FL, at the age of 2. As an immigrant family from Central America, luxuries were few and far between, leaving humbleness and a hard work ethic as the critical pillars of success. It was natural that these values could translate well into martial arts, which sparked Luis’ enthusiasm for the trade after seeing Karate Kid for the first time in 1984.

His eagerness, devotion, and passion for martial arts remained unbridled in his goal to build a career in the field. Though he couldn’t afford a membership to the local dojo, his skills weren’t unnoticed by the martial arts community. He bartered for a few free lessons, where he instantly impressed the gym, and thus his career was born.

Luis has spent over two decades developing his skills, competing in tournaments, and garnering nationwide awards. His impeccable skillset and mindful teaching approach have built successful martial arts schools, bringing hundreds of students into the fray. In 2005, he founded El Dojo on the Upper East Side, the facility he heads today, sharing his experience and knowledge with students young and old.

Do you seek positive changes in your life? There’s no better facility in NYC to learn a game-changing martial art with Luis Sevilla at the helm.

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