Our goal is to pass on the transformative power of martial arts that we so passionately believe in. By developing knowledge in the mind and strength in the body we help our students achieve positive transformations daily.

Through empathetic and thoughtful instruction we cater to a wide range of students who believe in us. One of the ingredients to a great life is perseverance, a skill we specialize in developing and harnessing in our students.

We always consider the source, we are committed to making a difference. And We Lead with Love.               

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Martial Arts

“I am thrilled to continue sharing my life’s passion with the Upper East Side families and community.”


Luis Sevilla has dedicated over 25 years to teaching Martial Arts. 16 of which focused on changing the lives of multi-generation families in the Upper East Side.

Teaching Style

A one-of-a-kind dojo experience that blends traditional techniques and modern teaching practices. This approach keeps students of all ages motivated, dedicated and goal-driven.

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About Luis Sevilla

Luis Sevilla Levy

25+ Years of Experience

At the age of 2, his family immigrated from Managua, Nicaragua to Miami, FL seeking a better life.

Luxuries such as going to the movies were a rare treat, saved only for very special occasions. In the summer of 1984 Luis’ life would change forever. 

“When I saw The Karate Kid I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I would daydream about martial arts and spend my days kicking around the house.”

Luis comes from a big family where extracurricular activities were not a high priority. When he turned  12, Luis’ mother let him ride the bus by himself.

He rode to the nearest martial arts school. He enrolled in a trial class and since he could not afford the membership he bartered cleaning and helping around the school for free lessons. 

That is how Luis Sevilla began his martial arts career at 12 years old. 

Luis Sevilla martial artist

Luis Sevilla has headed 3 schools throughout his 25-year career.  In 2005, Luis and his wife moved to New York. His wife found a martial arts school that was opening a new location on the Upper East Side. With Luis’ prior experience in running very successful martial arts schools, he began working as their head instructor and manager. Luis led his former martial arts dojo from 38 to 500 active students.

“I have been passionate about the Upper East Side and its people since I began teaching here. I love the children I’ve trained and the deep relationships I’ve forged in this great community.”


  • 1993 – 2000 Competed in150+ karate tournaments (Forms/Fighting)
  • 1996 Team Fighting North American Black Belt League NBL Super Grands 3rd
  • 2000 NASKA  Light Heavyweight Men’s overall 1st Place

Top Finishes

U.S. Open, Battle of Atlanta, Bluegrass Nationals, Jhoon Rhee Internationals, Compete Nationals, New England Krane Championships, Pan AM Nationals, NBL Super Grands, and Diamond Nationals

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