Family martial arts academy


Welcome to El Dojo NYC

Our Goal is to pass on the transformative power of martial arts that we so passionately believe in at our Family martial arts academy in Manhattan NYC. By developing knowledge in the mind and strength in the body we help our students achieve  positive transformations daily.

Training for the Whole Family!

Through empathetic and thoughtful instruction we cater to a wide range of students who believe in us. One of the ingredients to a great life is perseverance, a skill we specialize in developing and harnessing in our students.

We always consider the source, we are committed to making a difference. And We Lead with Love.

  • We Breathe Martial Arts
  • Home Grown​
  • Unique Teaching Style​

Please call to inquire or to enroll

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Prices vary based on subscription package.

Discounts available for bulk memberships